Looking back at my journey, it was difficult to launch a high-end Western brand without any prior experience in the clothing industry or knowledge of current marketing strategies, but the brand's name, Nore21, kept me going. - Pooja Choudhary ,Founder

When our founder was 21 years old and decided to enter the world of fashion and dress up women all over the world, she chose the name Nore21 because it would bring her peace just as it did to her grandmother who spent most of her time at their farm house which is called Nore in Rajasthan, and 21 was a very significant age in her life.

Our Indian clothing brand, Lavanya The Label, launched in 2019, and we took the time to learn about western and contemporary design because that was always the end aim. Nore21, launched in October 2023 is a store where people can get fashionable clothes that are affordable and simple to wear. We put a lot of emphasis on creating clothing that could fit everyone, among other things.

A 50-year-old woman can choose something from our assortment to boost her spirits if she wants to wear something that she thinks will make her feel younger. The mission of Nore21, like that of our founder, is to create goods that will make you appear young at any age and stand out everywhere you go. We believe that everyone should be able to pick an outfit that makes them feel confident and comfortable at the same time and feel good about oneself.

Our Team at Nore21 works day and night to make sure we stick to the vision we've seen together which is to establish Nore21 as a premium brand in the fashion sector.